Viperous slams bizarre Twitch ban amid yoga pants ASMR meta - Dexerto

Viperous slams bizarre Twitch ban amid yoga pants ASMR meta

Published: 18/Jun/2021 0:52

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Twitch streamer ‘Viperous’ has hit out at the broadcasting platform after being denied for an unban appeal over a YouTube video — which showed “zero blood and gore.”

Viperous has had a tumultuous week on Twitch. The streamer has over 50,000 followers and mainly streams Rainbow Six or Fortnite gameplay. She has been banned twice in a span of three days, with her latest appeal effectively squashed.

After being banned for what was supposedly a DMCA strike, Viperous once again faced a suspension three days later after watching a YouTube video with her fans.

The video, created by Shane Dawson, dives into Anesthesia Awareness but doesn’t feature actual blood or gore… but the video appeared to be the reason for her latest ban, nonetheless.


Viperous reached out to Twitch in an email, which she shared with Dexerto, asking them for the specific reason for her ban.

“If this was not the video pertaining to the reasoning of my ban, then the only other thing I could think of would be an FX prop of a hand that was shown in another video an hour before my ban; also by Shane Dawson,” she explained.

“The cut off hand that was shown was stated to be FX/PROP and *NOT REAL* before it was shown.”

Viperous email Twitch
Viperous shared screenshots of her conversation with Twitch with Dexerto, showing that she had asked about the specific reason for her latest suspension.

Twitch responded with an email (also shared by Viperous), stating that she had been banned for “broadcasting or sharing content that deliberately includes or likely includes content that would be deemed sexually explicit, extremely violent, or otherwise obscene content that would violate Twitch’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.”


Twitch concluded by determining their “enforcement was valid,” and her ban will remain.

Twitch email Viperous
Viperous / Twitch
Twitch stated that Viperous’s ban will remain enforced, leaving her unable to stream for 7 days.

Viperous lashed out at the platform in a pointed tweet on June 17, noting that she’d received a seven-day ban over a fake prop of a hand, while other streamers have shown nudity and only received a 24-hour ban — all this amidst the platform’s “new meta” of women posing in yoga pants while licking ASMR microphones.

Twitch does not comment on individual bans, so it is likely this is the only answer fans will receive regarding Viperous’s odd — and mysterious — suspension.