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Vinnie Hacker confirms departure from Sway Gaming house in emotional TikTok

Published: 2/Jan/2021 20:24

by Charlotte Colombo


As we make our way through a new year, it looks like Vinnie Hacker is making a new start of his own, with an announcement on TikTok that he would be leaving Sway Gaming.

Sway Gaming is a content house that emerged as a spin-off from the notorious Sway House. Alongside the recently departed Hacker, other members of the House include Kio Cyr, Griffin Johnson and Quinton Griggs. The House was originally launched in July this year by management and media company Talent X Gaming.

Hacker, 18, is the first person to leave the House. The TikTok star, who has 5.4 million followers on the app, announced the news in an emotional TikTok, which featured him waving goodbye to his room, packing his possessions and hugging goodbye his now-ex housemates.


Vinnie captioned the TikTok as follows: “Love all you guys so much. Living in this house was a rise and a half. I’ll never forget that this was the biggest impact on my life being here.”


love all you guys so much. living in this house was arise and a half. i’ll never forget that this was the biggest impact on my life being here.

♬ It’s Ok – Acoustic – Tom Rosenthal

Since announcing his departure, Hacker has received an outpouring of support from not just his fans, but other influencers, too. TikTok star Chase Rutherford remarked in a comment: “I’m getting emotional,” while a fan commenting on his TikTok joked: “Don’t make me cry, it’s 6 a.m.”

Other fans began speculating that Hacker’s departure meant that he was gearing up to move to the main Sway House or other popular content house, the Hype House. With fans having mixed feelings about the prospect, one TikTok user said: “If you guys were his real fans, you would support him whether he went to the Hype/Sway House or not.”


However, for those who are worried that Hacker would no longer be collaborating with the people in Sway Gaming, have no fear — Hacker commented on his TikTok to say that he would still be around the house “24/7” even if he isn’t living there.

What has Vinnie Hacker been up to recently?

Hacker’s departure from the House comes after an eventful couple of weeks for the internet star. Recently, he was embroiled in a war of words with fellow TikToker MattyBoy, who Vinnie accused of “copying” him.

Fans had been speculating for a while that MattyBoy had been copying Hacker’s mannerisms and content style, but it looks like Vinnie himself felt he had to step in after MattyBoy posted content where he was wearing the exact same beanie as Hacker, which is a staple part of his look.


But that’s not all – Hacker also felt the need to speak out after a female friend was once again targeted by his overly enthusiastic fans.

After commenting on an Instagram post by his friend Samantha Riehl and tagging her in his story, Vinnie’s fans begun to dig into her social media and make negative comments, presumably jealous of what they thought was a budding relationship between the two.

This led to Hacker calling out his fans on Twitter, saying: “Didn’t know when i made a TikTok account I’d be signing a paper to sell my soul to people who don’t actually respect me.”


Now that he’s left Sway Gaming, let’s hope 2021 is a much more plain sailing and drama-free year for the TikTok star.