Viewers slam “scandalous” wedding cake topper in viral TikTok

TikToker Life of Scotty VTikTok: LifeOfScottyV

A TikTok video has gone viral after the creator shared his friend’s “scandalous” wedding cake topper, and viewers aren’t exactly happy with it.

During weddings throughout the world, it’s common for the cake to be topped with a figure that reflects the personalities of the bride and groom.

It can be focused on anime, video games, or even the newlywed couple’s career choices.

TikToker Lifeofscottyv uploaded a video showing a newlywed couple’s cake topper, and it quickly went viral thanks to the backside of the decoration.

Couple roasted for “scandalous” wedding cake topper

In the viral video uploaded on October 9, Scotty V showed off what appeared to be a perfectly normal cake topper showing off the bride’s nurse hat and the groom’s firefighter uniform.

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However, Scotty turned to the backside of the decoration to show that the groom’s figure has his hand on the bride’s rear end, showing her blue underwear in the process.

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As the video gained traction, it’s been viewed almost a million times — and some people aren’t entirely happy about it.

One user replied: “I want to hear the conversation in which this was agreed upon.”

“I went from “oh I want this” to “I don’t want this”,” another commenter said.

However, others have decided to defend the newlywed’s choice of decorations.

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“If I can’t have this I’m just gonna walk away,” chimed another user

While someone else said: “I don’t get why everyone is so upset. If they both decided on this, let them be happy.”