Veibae hits back at Twitch critics claiming VTuber star fakes her voice on stream

Twitch: Veibae

VShojo star ‘Veibae’ has hit back at Twitch critics who repeatedly claim the VTuber fakes her voice on stream for clout and views. While she’s been accused of using a voice changer, she’s fed up with all the comments about her voice ⁠⁠— praise or slander.

Veibae has catapulted to the top of the Twitch rankings since debuting with the group in 2021. Now arguably the star of VShojo and one of the top female streamers on Twitch, fans have fallen in love with her slightly brash personality and hilarious gameplay clips.

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However, the succubus is fed up with one thing: comments about her voice.

One new viewer came into her Twitch chat adoring her “soft and cute” voice, and while she was slightly flattered with the compliment, it pushed her over the edge leading to a rant about the number of critics saying she’s faking her voice for views.

VTubers Ironmouse and Veibae streaming on twitchTwitch: Ironmouse / Twitch: Veibae
Veibae (right) is one of the top VTubers on Twitch.

“The past month, I have gotten so triggered over voice comments I don’t have words for it anymore. I don’t know what to say. The amount of people who are braindead in this world is insane,” she explained.

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“I get it, you’ve maybe heard realistically 20 women talk to you at some point. There’s 7 billion people in the world. How the f**k do you know what every person sounds like for you to form a f**king opinion on what someone should sound like?”

Veibae, who lives in the UK right now, has said her voice comes from her background at home, as well as the nature of streaming online to a bunch of different communities.

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“My voice doesn’t even sound fake. I have a weird accent because I speak Polish at home sometimes and I speak to Americans online. I don’t go outside. I had a really thick UK accent six years ago when I played Overwatch, and ever since, I don’t anymore,” she said.

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“You think I enjoy getting voice comments? The people who think they’re being original like ‘Veibae sounds like a wh*re and I refuse to believe this is her real voice, and sometimes when she talks her real voice slips out.

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“They clip me growling and they’re like ‘Chance [sodapoppin, who has been collaborating with Veibae recently] dude, she’s faking her voice, she’s using a voice changer, don’t talk to her.’”

However, Veibae is embracing the comments as something that lets her stand out in the community, and accepting it all as compliments.

“I can not believe how many people exist in this world that are like that. I’m mindblown, but it’s almost like a compliment, right? Even the people that are like ‘nobody talks like that. There’s no way a real human being sounds like this.’ That’s a compliment.

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“You guys are complimenting me every time you comment on my voice, even if you hate it. Just know that I take it positively.”

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