Valkyrae weighs in on Alinity dog controversy

Valkyrae (Twitter)/alinitydivine (Instagram).

In the aftermath of Natalia ‘Alinity Divine’ Mogollon’s Twitch dog scandal, Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofsetter has edged in with her standpoint.

Alinity has received her fair share of time in the spotlight. Perhaps noted for her now-infamous incident where she tossed her cat over her head, the 31-year-old appeared to cause a stir mere months after her first pet-related wrongdoing. 

For those unaware, Mogollon’s Samoyed pooch, Luna, pressed its face into her privates while she attempted a headstand. While Alinity attempted to ‘brush’ off her pup from her crotch, some have slammed the streamer for allowing Luna to stay there for as long as she did.

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Alinity (Twitch).Moments before Luna placed her head in Alinity’s crotch.

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Following on from the incident, plenty of personalities have had their say on the controversy that ensued… From Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins throwing shade in Alinity’s direction, to Corinna Kopf using Mogollon’s pet-related fiascos as examples of Twitch’s perceived inconsistent banning protocols. 

Of course, Alinity clapped back by responding to calls for her to be banned from Twitch by labeling them as “ridiculous” as she appears to have gotten off scot free. 

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Now, popular 100 Thieves streamer, Valkyrae, has given her two cents in-light of the incident. Being a devoted dog owner herself, Rae seemed to have plenty pent up regarding the situation. 

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When prompted by her Twitch chat, Hofsetter explained her thought process: “I’m just going to say… That dog keeps doing it because it’s been allowed, multiple times… Alright?”

Valkyrae nipped in the bud there, but she appeared to have plenty to say regarding the incident by closing with “that’s all I’m going to say.”

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While this isn’t the first pet-related episode to surface from Alinity’s channel, the American streamer has still come out firing on all cylinders, stating that she “can’t win” following the onslaught of comments from people.

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While plenty have called for Mogollon’s channel to be suspended, the streamer might have bigger fish to fry, since she has now developed a history of flagging up on PETA’s radar. 

The American animal rights organization have also “demanded” that Alinity should be removed from the streaming platform after labeling the ordeal as a form of “cruelty” in their Tweet.

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