Valkyrae wants to collab with Hololive’s Usada Pekora in huge YouTube crossover

YouTube: Valkyrae / YouTube: Pekora Ch.

Valkyrae and Hololive star Usada Pekora are two of the biggest names in YouTube streaming. Now, they want to collab ⁠— once they figure out a solution to the language barrier ⁠— in a crossover for the ages.

Valkyrae and Usada Pekora frequently top the charts when it comes to streaming generally, but especially on YouTube. Combined, the two had a total of more than 57 million hours watched in 2021, and were ranked second and third for female streamers respectively.

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There might not be a lot of overlap between the American and Japanese VTuber’s fanbases, but the sheer number of subscribers is there. So, the two want to make a collaboration happen.

Pekora was the first to bring it up, looking back at her 2021 stats and rueing the fact she was third. “Valkyrae was the top female streamer last year right? I can’t beat [Amouranth] but I wanted to be at least second place,” Pekora said, according to a translation.

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A viewer then asked Hololive’s resident rabbit if she wanted to collab with Valkyrae, and the answer was a resounding yes.

Hololive VTuber Usada Pekora holding out peace signsYouTube: Pekora Ch.
Usada Pekora hinted at her desire to collab with Valkyrae, and it could be happening.

“I wanted to be invited! Last year, weren’t the famous streamers playing Rust? There was a period when it was popular among the overseas streamers ⁠— like a server for popular streamers [the OfflineTV server] so I went to check it out,” she added.

“Please invite Pekora if you guys are going to play. Please do invite me. I’ll power my way through [speaking English]: ‘Hey hey, Japanese cute rabbit,’ saying things like that.”

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While Peko is aware of her weak English skills, Valkyrae still wants to make it happen.

“She wants to do something, but what could we do? She spoke a little English ⁠— she said ‘cute bunny rabbit’. What could we do where there’d be very little language barrier but also fun? I don’t know,” the American added on her own stream.

“Maybe we could do Gartic Phone? We could do Among Us? Among Us would be funny. We would just have to go off of behavior.”

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The related segment begins at 1:25:40.

The biggest challenge in Valk’s eyes will be getting a hold of Peko though. “How are we supposed to communicate, via clips,” she laughed.

“I don’t know if it’s as easy as that. From my understanding of the VTubing world ⁠— it’s under a whole company, right? I could just DM her, but can I DM her in English? They have managers…I don’t know, we’ll figure something out.”

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If the two manage to join forces, it’ll be a collab for the ages in gaming. It’ll also open up Valkyrae to the world of VTubers, and that’s a rabbit hole that could lead her to a bright, new future in 2022 beyond her OfflineTV circle.

Now, it’s just a matter of waiting and seeing.

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