Valkyrae vows “never” to touch alcohol again after getting drunk during her stream

. 1 month ago
Valkyrae in long dress ready to attend gala
Twitter: Valkyrae

YouTube Gaming star Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has claimed she will avoid drinking during her livestreams again after fans noticed she got tipsy in one of her recent broadcasts. 

As with any creator, Valkyrae has had her fair share of embarrassing moments on camera and in front of thousands of fans watching her livestreams.

For instance, there was the time when she leaped out of her skin after being jump scared by her housemate and when a “huge” centipede interrupted her Valorant game. 

However, there were no giant creepy crawlies to embarrass her during her latest livestream — although, she was a bit regretful that she suggested drinking whilst streaming.

Valkyrae talks to the camera during her livestream.
Valkyrae was doing a drinking stream alongside her friends Sykkuno and Disguised Toast which produced some hilarious results.

Valkyrae gets tipsy during Valorant stream

On May 31, Valkyrae was playing Valorant alongside some of her famous friends, including her original ‘Amigops’ members Disguised Toast and Sykkuno. However, they decided to up the game by adding alcohol to the mix.

At one point, she jokingly called on Sykkuno, who is currently residing in Las Vegas, to “come back” to Los Angeles because she missed him. She also got lost throughout Valorant on a number of occasions, but she simply laughed at her hilarious mishaps.

Following on from the stream, Valkyrae took to Twitter to lament how she was a little regretful about drinking during her livestream. Although, she couldn’t promise that it wouldn’t happen again.

“Alcohol is wild,” Valkyrae claimed. “I’m never drinking on stream again until the next time I do.”

The stream proved incredibly popular among her fanbase, with one Twitter-user calling it “one of the funniest streams ever.” Valkyrae’s behavior only sparked calls from fans to host ‘drunk sussy Sundays’ with her fellow Amigops over a game of ‘Among Us.’

It’s safe to say Valkyrae didn’t have the best reaction to drinking during her stream. Although, it’ll be a comfort for her to know she is supposedly “immune” from being banned on YouTube due to her popularity.

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