Valkyrae terrified after being jump scared at worst possible moment

valkyrae-reveals-shes-seeing-therapist-over-trauma-from-rflct-drama-controversyYT: Valkyrae

Viewers, and Fuslie, were left in hysterics after YouTuber Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter let out a bloodcurdling scream when she was jump scared during her livestream – right in the middle of a horror game.

One of the best things about livestreams is that they can catch some hilarious unpredictable moments. Just look at the IRL streamer who was attacked by a goose in front of her viewers.

Streamer Valkyrae has also captured some less violent, but nonetheless unpredictable moments during her livestreams such as when viewers didn’t have the best response to her “retirement” joke. Or, when a kind-hearted fan made a $200k charity donation.

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However, little can top the moment when she let out a bloodcurdling scream when her housemate tried to get her attention on stream.

Valkyrae streamingValkyrae has captured some hilarious impromptu moments during her livestreams.

Valkyrae terrified during horror stream

Valkyrae was playing the co-op horror survival game ‘DEVOUR’ with her friends on May 16. As she isn’t a huge fan of horror games, especially one filled to the brim with jump scares, she was understandably on edge.

As Valkyrae was playing the spooky game she suddenly heard a mysterious voice calling her name. As she looked off-camera she let out a piercing scream before realizing it was just her housemate Evon giving her some snacks.

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“We’re playing a scary game and you have some business, bruh, coming up here like that,” Valkyrae shouted. “Bro, I thought the audio was in the game. I thought your voice was in the game. It was so scary!”

Valkyrae’s friend and fellow streamer Fuslie streamed her own reaction to the clip and was left in hysterics over Valkyrae’s jump scare. However, she said that she wouldn’t have had the same reaction as Valkyrae.

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Valkyrae somehow managed to pluck up the courage to keep playing DEVOUR. Yet, she admitted that she “peed [herself] a little” over the scare.

Although the incident might have left her shaken a little bit, no doubt her new boxing lessons will help her feel ready to take on any ghouls.

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