Valkyrae & Sykkuno tease IRL tennis stream coming soon

sykkuno valkyraeSykkuno/Valkyrae

Star streamers Valkyrae & Sykkuno have teased an IRL tennis stream after the pair revealed they bought new rackets in order to play.

Sykkuno and Valkyrae aren’t exactly streamers known for their real-life broadcasts, as most of the time you can find them live from the comfort of their homes playing Fortnite or Valorant together.

However, the duo has teased an upcoming broadcast where they will step out of their comfort zone and duke it out in a game of tennis.

sykkuno-twitch-subathonsTwitch: Sykkuno
Sykkuno has over 4 million followers on Twitch.

Sykkuno teases tennis stream with Valkyrae

The streamers were playing Fortnite together on April 21 when Sykkuno revealed he’d actually bought a tennis racket.

The 30-year-old streamer said: “Alright guys, I’ve ordered my tennis racket. We’re actually playing, right? Because it’s not cheap. I even bought a tennis bag, because I’m hyped. I didn’t buy any balls, though.”

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On Valkyrae’s stream, the 100 Thieves member opened up about her history with tennis and desire to hop back into it.

“I’m buying a tennis racket again,” she explained. “Some of you don’t know, but I was varsity tennis captain for two years at my high school. I almost went to college for tennis. And you know what happened to me? I started streaming! Which, I don’t regret.”

She then got into her tennis plans with Sykkuno: “So, Sykkuno wants to play tennis. So he bought a tennis racket, and I want to play tennis again. So, Sykkuno wants to do a tennis stream.”

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Although the streamers teased that a tennis broadcast is coming soon, no official date was given just yet.

Since Valkyrae is such a seasoned tennis player, she may have to teach Sykkuno the ropes during their first session.