Valkyrae, Sykkuno & Disguised Toast join Corpse Husband with Tribe Nine voiceover

Tribenine valkyrae sykkuno corpseTwitch: Sykkuno/YouTube: Valkyrae/Tribe Nine

Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Disguised Toast, and several more content creators are joining Corpse Husband with voice-over roles in the anime ‘Tribe Nine,’ according to the studio’s cast list on their website. 

Fans of YouTuber and musician Corpse Husband received a special treat on February 6, 2022, when the faceless creator announced his voice-over role in the English version of Funimation’s “Tribe Nine.”

In the tweet, he revealed he would be voicing the role of Ojiro Otori — the story’s villain.

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According to a recent update made to the studio’s cast list, a variety of content creators will be joining Corpse, forming the “Hannya Squad.”

Corpse-Husband-Tribe-Nine-Corpse Husband/Too Kyo Games
Corpse Husband notably scored a role acting in Funimation’s Tribe Nine anime in February 2022.

Valkyrae, Sykkuno and more join Tribe Nine as voice actors

The English dub of Tribe Nine appeared on Funimation six days before Corpse announced his part in the series, but his announcement surely brought thousands of eyes to the recently released anime.

However, more fans are likely to check out the show, as a group of well-known content creators have joined as voice actors to form the “Hannya Squad.” The group includes the rest of the ‘Amigops’ — streamers Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and Disguised Toast.

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Here are the rest of the creators listed alongside the Amigops, who are a part of the Hannya Squad: Charles White – believed to be YouTuber MoistCrit1kal, Connor Colquhoun – CDawgVA, Christopher Guerrero, Kestin Howard, Technoblade, Tom Schalk, and Yong Yea.

Tribe Nine valkyrae sykkuno corpse hannya squad

Valkyrae revealed the characters that she and Sykkuno played in the episode in her announcement on Twitter. If you’re interested in checking out the star-studded episode, it is number 11 which is titled ‘Chiyoda Tribe Showdown.’

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She said: “Excited to announce that Sykkuno, Toast, and I had our first-ever voice acting experience in an anime called Tribe Nine, all thanks to Corpse! Syk and I played the twins! The episode is out now :)”

Tribe Nine was created by Kazutaka Kodaka, who’s also behind Danganronpa and Akudama Drive. With so many big names behind Tribe Nine, it may end up being his most popular anime by far.

While many of those listed are used to creating a wide variety of content for their own channels, Valkyrae may be the only one that has performed in a professional setting — having just recently starred in Jae Park’s new single: Car Crash.

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