Valkyrae & Sykkuno confused by lyrics in Corpse Husband’s Poltergeist song

YouTube: Valkyrae, Corpse Husband / Twitch: Sykkuno

Corpse Husband released his original song ‘Poltergeist’ on April 8. Although the track has received ample praise from fans and friends, Valkyrae and Sykkuno are a little confused by the lyrics.

Corpse Husband is breaking back into the music scene following his viral voice acting debut in Funimation’s Tribe Nine anime.

On April 8, the faceless influencer released his latest song, ‘Poltergeist,’ a track featuring Corpse’s signature deep vocals backed by a dark, trap-style beat.

The song has been praised across social media, with the likes of streamer Karl Jacobs, Sykkuno and more promoting the single to their own fans… but it looks like Sykkuno is a little confused about the lyrics.

Corpse Husband animated face on a blue backgroundCorpse Husband
Corpse Husband is a “faceless YouTuber.” Rather than appearing on camera, he relies on fan-made avatars.

Sykkuno confused about what a ‘bando’ is in Corpse Husband new song

During a stream with Valkyrae, Corpse, and Miyoung, Sykkuno admitted that he wasn’t exactly sure what a “bando” was.

“The part with the ‘bando’ was really good, but I don’t know what a ‘bando’ is,” he said, drawing a laugh from Corpse. “But that part was really good.”

“Yeah, I agree,” Corpse joked.

“The what?” Valkyrae asked incredulously before going on to listen to the song herself. “What is that?”

“There’s one part where he sings about it,” Sykkuno continued. “I don’t know what any of it means, but it’s really good. He’s going in. I don’t know what he’s talking about, but you can tell he’s going in.”

The part of the song Sykkuno is referencing is as follows:

“You’ve never seen a trap or a bando / Only time you pull the strap is when you’re wearin’ velcro”

For those unaware of the slang term, a “bando” is another name for an abandoned house — the same thing as a “trap,” or trap house, generally used as a venue for illicit activities.

Sykkuno’s wholesome confusion about the term definitely made for a humorous moment between the group of streamers… but this song is just one of many more to come, according to a deleted tweet from Corpse Husband.