Valkyrae suffers hilarious forfeit for losing 100 Thieves $10,000 unboxing

. 2 years ago
100 Thieves, YouTube

Popular streamer Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter suffered a hilarious forfeit after the stars of 100 Thieves’ content team battled it out in a $10,000 challenge video for the first time since revealing their new house on March 5.

After announcing that the 100 Thieves content team would be moving to a new location, fans were eager to see what they had in store with their new home.

The popular creators had teased the move for quite a while and after finally unveiling their new house, they decided to film a massive $10,000 challenge video to break it in.

100 Thieves, YouTube
The 100 Thieves stars took part in a $10,000 unboxing challenge.

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In their massive “unboxing challenge” on March 5, CouRage, Nadeshot, Valkyrae, and Brooke all took turns racing around the house to collect as many boxes as they could find. Within each box was a small gift and a card with a cash prize written on it, which were later tallied up to see who came out on top.

The popular creators hilariously stumbled around their new home, scrambling to bring back as many potential prizes that they could carry – with a few slips, falls, and injuries along the way.

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Unfortunately for Valkyrae, she came last in the challenge after unboxing a -$2000 card to close things out and had to suffer a hilarious forfeit as a result.

The popular streamer was given a creepy easter bunny costume after the scores were finalized and she was forced to remain dressed in the suit for 24 hours as punishment.

100 Thieves, YouTube
To the surprise of many, Valkyrae was not too disappointed with her forfeit.

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However, despite losing in the competition, Valkyrae did not seem too fazed by the forfeit and was surprisingly happy with the costume – putting it on during the video. “I love it but the mask is scary though,” she said.

The streamer recently opened up about her decisions to depart from the original 100 Thieves content house and explained why she was looking forward to reuniting with her fellow creators.

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