Valkyrae stunned after Bella Poarch sends her a surprise visitor during her stream

Valkyrae streaming on YouTube and Bella PoarchInstagram: Bella Poarch/ YouTube: Valkyrae

YouTuber Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter was blown away after her mom suddenly appeared on her doorstep thanks to her friend and TikTok star Bella Poarch.

Bella Poarch and Valkyrae have struck up a strong friendship that has melted the hearts of their fanbase.

The pair have sent the internet wild with their numerous collaborations together including when they teamed up for a Valentine’s Day-themed photo shoot and when Valkyrae made a cameo in Poarch’s ‘Build A Bitch’ music video.

So, it’s no surprise that fans were won over once again by the duo as Poarch flew in Valkyrae’s mom to visit the YouTuber before she left for Japan.

Bella Poarch sends Valkyrae surprise visitor

Valkyrae was livestreaming on July 6 when she suddenly received a phone call from Poarch. She was then intrigued as the ‘Inferno’ singer said she had a “surprise” waiting outside.

After Valkyrae disappeared from the camera to check out the mysterious gift, screams of delight could be heard in the distance, much to the confusion of her viewers.

She quickly came running back to her stream with her mom in hand and, understandably, couldn’t contain her excitement. She was also puzzled as to “how” her mother managed to end up on her doorstep.

Valkyrae revealed that she let out such a piercing scream at first because her mother was “hiding in the bushes” and jumped out to scare her as she looked for Poarch’s present.

The YouTuber then took to Twitter to share her shock following the eventful stream. She added she “couldn’t believe” Poarch had arranged for her mother’s visit just before she leaves for her trip to Japan with OfflineTV.

Valkyrae’s viewers urged her to “end the stream” as soon as her mom arrived so they could spend some quality time together.

However, given how Valkyrae will be taking a 3-week break from streaming while she’s in Japan, she proclaimed that she was going to keep on streaming so her fans had as much content as possible before her big trip.