Valkyrae sparks concerns from fans after claiming she “hears voices” at night

YouTube: Valkyrae

Fans of YouTuber Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter are growing concerned after a clip from her broadcast surfaced where she claimed she undergoes auditory hallucinations at night.

It’s safe to say that Valkyrae is on a roll right now. The YouTuber, who won TGA’s 2020 Content Creator of the Year and is one of the net’s most watched women in gaming, is gearing up for the launch of her very first (and highly anticipated) merchandise line.

Between appearing in multiple music videos (with the likes of Machine Gun Kelly) and modeling for Gucci, Valkyrae is well on her way to mainstream fame — but her fans are concerned about her health amid all her hard work.

During a recent broadcast, Valkyrae admitted that she experiences some auditory hallucinations before she goes to sleep at night, and usually only when she is extremely tired.

Valkyrae store photoTwitter: valkyrae / REVOLT
Valkyrae is releasing her very own line of streetwear on September 24.

“Sometimes, when I’m about to sleep, I hear voices in my head,” she revealed. “Does that happen to you guys? I keep thinking to myself, ‘I’m just tired. It’s just my brain. Nothing is actually talking to me.'”

“I can literally hear random voices speaking,” the YouTuber explained. “Like, in my ears! It happens when I’m so, so, so tired. I’m so confident that nothing is actually speaking to me, I think it’s just in my head, trying to fall asleep type of thing.”

“It happens a few times, and it’s so creepy. I try not to let myself psych myself into thinking it’s anything more than my brain shutting up and going to bed.”

At first, fans asked Rae if she was okay — but her testimony has prompted quite a few of her viewers to come out with their own stories of such experiences, citing sleep paralysis, tinnitus, and other occurrences.

Hearing voices can be caused by the brain being in a part-awake, part-dreaming state when one is extremely tired, and can be experienced by 80% of normal people suffering from sleep deprivation.

Valkyrae is certainly not alone in her experiences, and fans are wishing her a good night’s sleep and some well-deserved rest as she amps up to launch her upcoming merchandise in just a day’s time.