Valkyrae reveals why she’s not planning on getting anymore tattoos

Valkyrae tattoo headerYouTube: Valkyrae

Valkyrae confirms that she doesn’t plan on getting any new tattoos, with her decision apparently influenced by her disliking one she already has.

Tattoos are more common than they have ever been, with lots of influencers and content creators sporting ink on their bodies. And while Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter is one such content creator, she has announced that she will be holding off anymore ink.

When playing a game of who is most likely to, Rae – joined by Fuslie, Sykkuno, Yvonne, Miyoung – posed the question, “who is most likely to get a bad tattoo?” Fuslie holds up a sign of Rae, which prompts Rae to retaliate jokingly. But before things get more heated, Rae allows her friend to explain the logic behind her decision.

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“I don’t think Rae would get a bad tattoo but she has explained in the past that she has this one and you clearly said yourself that you didn’t like it or something,” Fuslie states.

Rae then admits that she does “have a bad tattoo” but chooses to elaborate further on the issue. “I don’t like it but assuming because I’m no longer getting any more tattoos I don’t care either of my tattoo thing.”

And while Rae may have no plans to get more tattoos of her own, she seems more than happy to encourage her fellow content creators to get them. Just recently, she almost forced Ludwig to get a tattoo of the Twitch logo during the YouTubers November 20 Subathon charity event.

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