Valkyrae responds to backlash over 100 Thieves Cash App event: “Everybody was tested”

Valkyrae responds claims no masks 100 Thieves cashapp tournamentTwitch: CashApp

100 Thieves streamer and co-owner Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has hit back at criticism after viewers pointed out the lack of masks and social distancing between contestants during the 100T Cash App Uno tournament.

On Tuesday, April 20, 100 Thieves brought a number of top creators from across the internet together to compete in the Cash App Pay Day tournament. Creators played UNO and did some trivia, with $450,000 being shared out among competitors and viewers.

While the stream was a lot of fun and saw multiple worlds collide, a number of viewers were disappointed with what they saw.

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In particular, the group was called out for the lack of masks and social distancing in place during the stream, and Rae has taken to Twitter to address this.

100 Thieves cashapp pay day event contestantsTwitter: Valkyrae
The contestants were not wearing masks on stream, but Valkyrae says they were off-camera.

After posting about how much of a fun day they had, some tweets pointed out that nobody seemed to be wearing masks in the stream, on account of the ongoing global health situation.

Rae tweeted after everything wound down, saying that you would be “foolish to think we would do this without” taking the correct precautions.

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“Everybody was tested prior AND again before entering the building, health inspector, masks on off camera, most [people] vaccinated, pamphlet with rules and guidelines,” she added, reeling off all of the safety precautions in place.

100T’s VP of Talent and Entertainment, Jackson Dahl, reiterated her point. He said: “To add even more detail, we PCR tested every person who attended today both one week prior, 24 hr PCR the day before, and rapid tested before entry.”

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Suffice to say, the 100 Thieves crew definitely took a number of precautions to make sure everybody in attendance was as safe as possible.

It’s hard to run events given the current global climate, but 100T put on something incredible for their fans and, based on these tweets, there was a lot of behind-the-scenes testing and safety measures keeping it running smoothly.

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