Valkyrae promises to hold friends accountable after Disguised Toast drama

Disguised Toast and ValkyraeTwitch: Disguised Toast / YouTube: Valkyrae

In the wake of an unexpected drama, as OfflineTV member Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang was accused of “problematic” comments, friend and fellow streamer Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter says she understands where the critics were coming from.

Disguised Toast responded to the ‘cancellation’ attempt from fans, explaining that he always “toed the line” of edgy humor, but understood that sometimes his jokes could be perceived more harshly than he intended.

Although he outright refuted allegations of racism or sexism, he said “moving forward, I will try to be a lil bit less edgy. But that type of humor is something I grew up with and do personally find humorous.”

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DisguisedToast FacebookFacebook: DisguisedToast
Toast received backlash over jokes he had made in the past.

As a close associate and frequent collaborator with Toast, Valkyrae also received questions and even some criticism from fans over the situation, which she addressed on stream.

“I understood where a lot of people were coming from, and I understand their concerns, but as a friend of Toast, I can say that he is none of those things that he has spoken about, and was accused of,” Hofstetter began. “I agree, I do think it’s distasteful. I do think sometimes he crosses the line, and he’s well aware of that.”

Valkyrae also addressed criticism of her own response to the drama, where she said that she understood both sides. Some had interpreted this as condoning the “stan” behavior and cancel culture. Valkyrae said she entirely disagrees with that.

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But, in closing, Valkyrae did say she would try to be more understanding that certain jokes could be perceived differently to different people, and would try to help her friends see this too.

“[I will] try to be more aware of these situations. I will do better with holding my friends more accountable to some jokes.”

Disguised Toast also addressed the drama on his own stream, and thanked his friends, including Valkyrae, for their support.