Valkyrae explains why Pokimane always gets dragged into Twitch drama

valkyrae-pokimane-twitch-dramaYouTube: Valkyrae / Twitch: Pokimane

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has explained why she thinks Pokimane always gets dragged into Twitch drama, claiming people target her because she’s the number one female streamer in the world.

On January 12, Pokimane was forced to end her Twitch stream after “hate raids” orchestrated by Jidion, another content creator, infiltrated her chat. Other streamers rushed to her defense, including xQc.

Jidion claims his disdain towards her has nothing to do with gender. However, Rae believes there was another motive behind it – clout and viewership. She also thinks it’s the reason why Poki always gets dragged into drama.

Pokimane talks on her Twitch stream.Twitch: Pokimane
Pokimane was recently subject to hate raids organized by another content creator.

“The whole Poki thing that happened is so depressing,” said Rae. “I feel so bad for her. The blatant harassment and misogyny and how this dude just entirely benefits from it. I can’t stop thinking about how it works like that.

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“There is no one that goes through as much drama as she does because of the position that she is in. Because she is the number one female streamer in the world, she goes through this stuff because people just use her for clout.”

Rae claimed that contents creators only need to mention Poki’s name in a video title to increase their viewership. “People just use her for views, and blatantly. It’s crazy!  It just baffles my mind what people will do for clout and success.”

Rae also said she’s in “awe” of how well Poki handles and responds to drama, describing her as “so well-spoken.”

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However, she still hopes that people will stop targeting her friend. “I just can’t believe the stuff that she’s been through for the past few years.”