Valkyrae has perfect response to fans claiming she “overhyped” new YouTube deal

Valkyrae on her YouTube stream.YouTube: Valkyrae

Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter has come out swinging against accusations she   “overhyped” her decision to stay on YouTube and milked the mystery around the end of her original streaming deal with the website.

The Queen of YouTube isn’t going anywhere ⁠— Valkyrae revealed on January 31, in a tongue-in-cheek reveal video, she had officially re-signed with Google’s streaming platform.

It was no surprise, especially considering the 100 Thieves co-owner’s support of YouTube over Twitch, and her eagerness to see more streamers join the red-brand website. For most, especially the 30-year-old star’s 3.6 million-strong fanbase, it was cause for celebration.

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For others, however, the video sparked outrage.

According to a smattering of holdouts, Hofstetter’s weeks of silence and 1:01-minute reveal were “overhyping” her choice ⁠— a claim she strongly disagrees with.

Valkyrae holds up fingers on YouTube.YouTube: Valkyrae
The variety streamer inked a two-year extension with YouTube last month.

⁠“I just want to say, I know there were a lot of people saying, ‘Why did she even do an announcement video if she never left?’ First of all, it was good content,” she said on January 2. “Second of all it was for fun, and third of all, it was for fun. Fourth of all, it was for fun. You know what I mean?”

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“This is the most extra thing I could have done.

“And I’m okay with that too,” the YouTube streamer added, directly addressing the “grumpy” fans complaining. “I’m allowed to have fun, you know!”

Valkyrae smiles.YouTube: Valkyrae
The 30-year-old was all smiles in her YouTube reveal video, posted on January 31.

Valkyrae also took the opportunity to address another controversy that had seemingly sprung up ⁠— her “savage” response to potentially moving to Facebook, via a mug-smash. In the 100 Thieves star’s announcement clip, she can be seen hurling a blue cup (representing Facebook) to the ground, strongly declaring she doesn’t want the mug.

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Many took it as her stance against the blue-branded site.

“I definitely have nothing against Facebook!” the streamer explained, however. “It was just for the memes, I swear. Then people started saying things like, ‘Rae’s a savage. Shots fired!’ It wasn’t that serious!”

Valkyrae added she has nothing against Facebook, and just wanted to stay on YouTube: “It was a silly joke! I did smack the sh*t out of that cup, but I was joking.”

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Related segment begins 13:19 in video below.

Dexerto can confirm Valkyrae has signed a two-year extension with the Google-owned platform, which will run through to Jan. 2024 before she hits streaming free agency again.

The 30-year-old star has been a major advocate for other Twitch streamers to ditch Amazon’s famous site and join her in red over the past year. So far, Ludwig, DrLupo, and even TimTheTatman have defected already.

“The streaming side of the site has a lot of room to grow,” Hofstetter said. “They’re working on it. I’m happy here. Seeing how hungry they are is exciting.”

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