Valkyrae offers to pay therapy for fan who keeps “harassing” her

Valkyrae offers to pay for fans therapy amid continued harassmentYouTube: Valkyrae

YouTube star Valkyrae has offered to pay for a fan’s therapy after they continually harassed her on social media, choosing kindness despite their actions.

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has become a household name in the streaming game over the course of her eight-year career as an online entertainer.

Boasting over 3 million YouTube subscribers, Rae was awarded Content Creator of the Year at the 2020 Game Awards, and continues to push boundaries by securing roles in animated shows and feature films.

However, being a famous internet personality isn’t all sunshine and roses, despite what Rae’s bubbly personality would have viewers believe. Over the years, Rae has had to combat several instances of backlash from critics — but this time, she’s killing them with kindness (and a little shade).

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Valkyrae offers to pay for fan’s therapy after repeated “harassment”

On Tuesday, March 7, Rae notably liked a tweet from an account that many fans claim has continually harassed the streamer online.

“Lol, it wasn’t even me in chat but thanks for letting everyone know you see all my tweets even though you blocked me six months ago!” the fan wrote in the aforementioned post. “Can’t wait to see you at Conquest! It will be amazing to meet and get a pic with my two favorite streamers, Valkyrae and Hasan!”

valkyrae fan tweet copyTwitter

According to the person’s posts, they seem to be convinced that Valkyrae is secretly dating fellow streamer Hasan, and openly ships the creators as a couple (despite no evidence or confirmation being given from either party involved).

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While this is a popular theory among fans, this particular viewer has taken their fandom a step too far — but Rae has shown that she’s open to getting them any help they might need.

In a reply to another fan, Rae considered how treating them with kindness might help him to “change his ways.”

“Maybe if I’m kind to him he will change his ways?’ she wrote in a witty response. “Otherwise maybe we can mass report? He definitely loves my streams and is a fan, so I want to give him a chance.”

“The only thing that can save him is therapy, girl,” another fan replied.

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“Like should I offer to pay?” she answered. “Everybody can benefit from therapy. Maybe he needs help buying it.”

Whether or not Rae actually ends up paying for the fan’s therapy (or whether or not she was just messing around) is up in the air, but it’s clear that she’s not letting his behavior bring her down.

This is just the latest instance of Valkyrae dealing with harassment after claiming she blocked “like a million” of her viewers live on YouTube due to offensive replies and behavior in her chat earlier this year.