Valkyrae, Ludwig, Mizkif show support for Pokimane amid clash with Ninja

Brad Norton
Ninja next to PokimaneEpic Games / Instagram: Pokimanelol

As Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys continues to trade blows online with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, fellow streaming superstars like Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter and Ludwig Ahgren have chimed in to show their support.

It’s been an intense day in the streaming world as two of the biggest personalities have locked horns. While Ninja appeared to show support for JiDion, a now-banned streamer responsible for ‘hate raiding’ Pokimane, the OfflineTV member fired back in a big way.

After calling Ninja out during her latest broadcast, Poki soon followed up by leaking a crucial DM. This exposed the Blevins family as they brought their legal team into the fold to combat what they deem “defamation.”

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With all of this happening in public view on social media, it didn’t take long for others to chime in and offer their thoughts. As the two celebs went head to head, the likes of Valkyrae, Ludwig, DisguisedToast, and plenty others commented on the situation.

Pokimane smiles on her Twitch stream.Twitch: Pokimane
Many fellow streamers were quick to defend Pokimane on social media.

Streamers support Pokimane amid Ninja beef

As the January 17 feud continued to heat up, personalities from all corners of the internet came out to defend Pokimane. While some like Mizkif simply typed her name to get it trending on Twitter, others like Valkyrae shared how “incredibly proud” they are of her actions.

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“Gonna Tier 3 [sub] to Pokimane in solidarity,” YouTuber Alpharad joked.

“I don’t really have time for reality TV, so I’d just like to say thank you to streamer Twitter for filling that hole in my life,” AnneMunition added before calling Poki a “Queen.”

Meanwhile, others took the opportunity to interject with memes instead of more heartfelt messages. Look no further than Myth offering to stand us as Poki’s lawyer against the Blevins’ legal team.

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“Views, money, and fame don’t mean a streamer has an ounce of common sense,” Ludwig stressed later in the day, evidently shading Ninja.

“Don’t look up to Twitch streamers,” he said.

Lumping himself into the drama, Disguised Toast even joked that his anime controversy, one that was later revealed as a big scheme, directly led to the clash between Ninja and Poki.

Just about everyone has chimed in on the drama between two of the top Twitch streamers. Although leaking DMs appears to have been the final step for now, there’s no telling what might set it all off again.

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Rest assured, we’ll keep you on top of the story as further details emerge.

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