Valkyrae gets fright of her life as centipede ruins Valorant stream

Zackerie Fairfax
valkyrae centipede freakout100 Thieves (YouTube)

A casual Valorant stream took a turn for the worse after Valkyrae discovered a rather larger centipede that wanted in on the action.

100 Thieves co-owner Valkyrae hasn’t streamed on her own channel in a little over a week. However, that doesn’t mean she can’t be found gaming and chatting on other people’s streams.

Rae announced her break from streaming on January 14. She didn’t state how long she’d be gone, only that it would be a while before the announcement video for a potential platform move would be ready. She stated she wouldn’t be able to return to streaming until the announcement video was live.

However, if you tune in to Sykkuno, Pokimane, or Fuslie’s streams, you might hear Rae chatting with her friends. In this case, viewers heard Valkyrae freak out as her personal space was invaded by a centipede.

Valkyrae’s encounter with a centipede

Fuslie screams at picture of centipedeFuslie (Twitch)
Streamer Fuslie reacts to a picture of Valkyrae’s centipede.

On January 24th, following a long GTA role-play session, Twitch streamer Fuslie joined Rae, Sykkuno, and others to play Valorant. At the beginning of the seventh round, before the buy phase ended, a hysterical Valkyrae could be heard over Discord.

Rae’s character immediately went AFK, and Fuslie was quick to ask what had happened. “There’s a giant centipede in my room! It’s huge! It’s huge!” Valkyrae screeched over coms. “It’s making me itchy!”

Her friends were quick to offer their sage advice. Ramee suggested that she leave the room and not return for three days. Fuslie repeatedly told Rae she needed to move out of her house.

A few moments later, Valkyrae shared a photo with the group which caused further panic to ensue. Both Fuslie and Rae exchanged screams while Sykkuno questioned whether or not the bug was real.

Luckily, she took care of the unruly centipede – but not before it cost the team to lose a 6 – 2 lead. The game went into overtime twice, but thanks to the disposal of the insect, Valkyrae and friends managed to squash their opponents.

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