Valkyrae explains why she’s not as famous as stars like Bella Poarch & MrBeast

Lauren Bergin
Valkyrae Claims she's not famous on streamYouTube: Valkyrae

Despite having a legion of dedicated fans, YouTube star Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter believes she isn’t famous compared to the likes of Bella Poarch or MrBeast. 

100 Thieves co-owner and streamer extraordinare, Valkyrae, has become a household name for YouTube and Twitch fans.

Appearing alongside the likes of musical sensation Machine Gun Kelly and TikTok behemoth Bella Poarch in two very different music videos, the queen of streams has done it all during her rise to gaming stardom.

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During her July 27 stream, though, she responded to fans calling her famous, claiming that she’s nowhere near being in the same level as Poarch, or even YouTube’s resident philanthropist, Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson.

Valkyrae Mavix ChairMavix
Valkyrae has become one of YouTube’s biggest creators during her short time on the platform.

Valkyrae hits back at claims she’s famous

Despite being the most-watched female streamer for quarter one of 2021, Rae is adamant that she’s not famous when compared to the likes of Poarch or MrBeast.

After discussing her relationship with the Filipina TikToker, fans immediately jumped in and claimed that she, too, was famous. “I am not famous, okay? I am not famous,” Rae replies.

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“People like Bella or actors and stuff, they’re worldwide famous. I’m not famous,” she reiterates. “I could walk around in public and still not get noticed. We were at the store and she had security guards and s**t, and I was like ‘I don’t belong here.'”

As her chat continued to argue back, she notes “you guys are crazy,” mentioning people like MrBeast as being truly famous. From here, she pulls up Bella’s follower count and exclaims “this girl blew up during the last few months, she has 77 million followers. 77.1 million. She is worldwide famous. That is famous.”

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(Topic begins at 8:10)

Noting that “I can go to the store, I can go to a restaurant and totally not get noticed,” she concludes “that’s the way I’d like to keep it, it’s kind of nice y’know.”

Despite fan attempts to persuade her otherwise, Rae remains adamant that she really isn’t famous all things considered, and it doesn’t seem like she’ll be changing her mind anytime soon.

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