Valkyrae explains why her outfit almost caused her to leave Coachella early

Twitter: PeterParkTV

With 3.6 million followers on YouTube and co-ownership of 100 Thieves to her name, Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter is a monolithic streamer. Despite this, she still suffers from poor footwear choices like the rest of us and it almost caused her to leave Coachella early.

On stream on April 20, YouTube’s most-watched female personality took time with her chat to discuss her experiences at Coachella, citing a singular issue that almost caused her to head home after the very first day.

Talking about her experience at the festival, Valkyrae said “I wish I could show you guys my feet, I have five blisters the biggest one being this big one on the bottom of my foot.”

With an easy insight into how she let this occur, the streamer said “I wore my jellies, they’re little sandals and they destroyed my feet.”

Coming to her rescue, fellow streamer Nathan ‘Blaustoise’ Blau,  became her “knight in shining armor. He not only gave me his shoes, he gave me his socks.”

Talking about the impact it had on her for the weekend., Rae explained how “he actually saved [her] feet.

“If I didn’t have his shoes… cause I was so paranoid I was gonna step on a needle or something, step on poop or something.”

Stating that intervention from the game dev-turned streamer kept her at the festival, Valkyrae announced “I was able to go for the next two days, cause I did consider going early with Buddha and Sykkuno.”

Fans have latched onto the goings-on with the intensity that only folk on the internet can bring up. “So what’s going on with you and Blau, Valkyrae?” one fan questioned. “Wearing his shoes and him carrying yours?”

Fellow streamer Fuslie even joined in on the joking action, posting a picture of Valkyrae, Blau, and herself with the caption “Rae and I met a superfan at Coachella!”