Valkyrae denies that she’s “quitting” streaming and explains plans for the future

Daniel Megarry
YouTube: Valkyrae

YouTube superstar Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has clarified that she won’t be quitting streaming after hinting that she would “pivot” towards business and investing.

After an incredible year that included becoming the most-watched female streamer, starring in a music video, and becoming co-owner of 100 Thieves, fans were shocked to hear that Valkyrae could be taking a step back from streaming and social media.

During an April 27 stream, the YouTuber hinted that she would eventually “pivot out of social media” and instead move into business and investing, blaming the “trolls, and hate, and creepiness” she’s been exposed to as a result of being in the public eye.

Valkyrae Instagram Selfie
Instagram: Valkyrae
Valkyrae has become the queen of YouTube since signing exclusively to the platform.

However, in a post shared on her secondary Twitter account on May 3, she’s now clarified that she won’t be quitting streaming after all, reminding fans that she’s been a gamer for her whole life and that passion hasn’t gone away.

“BTW when I said I planned to “pivot out of streaming to do business/investing” I didn’t mean entirely,” she tweeted.

“As long as there are games and my friends want to play with me, I’ll always stream it. I’ve been gamin’ my whole life why would I ever stop!”

Addressing the various comments and articles that have been written about her potentially quitting streaming, Valkyrae added: “Maybe I should mention this on my main LOL WHY ARE THERE ARTICLES OF ME QUITTING?!?”

Valkyrae tweet
Twitter / @itsraechill
Valkyrae clarified on Twitter that she isn’t quitting streaming.

Fans will no doubt be glad to hear that Valkyrae’s plans to focus on business in the future won’t stop her from streaming, but it’s clear that the more toxic side of internet fame is having a negative impact on her.

“What makes me happy is being safe,” the YouTube star explained in a previous stream.

“[This life] is so exposing, and people ⁠— especially on social media ⁠— are always looking for the worst in you. They want to find something bad about you and actually use it against you. It’s just scary, really scary.”

Just last month, Valkyrae was caught up in a bizarre Minecraft drama after fans of TikTok star Addison Rae accused her of removing TommyInnit from the popular DreamSMP server.