Valkyrae becomes fastest-growing streamer “in the world” with Among Us

Published: 18/Oct/2020 15:15 Updated: 20/Oct/2020 10:27

by Daniel Cleary


100 Thieves content creator Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has become the world’s fastest-growing streamer, according to YouTube Gaming’s Ryan ‘Fwiz’ Wyatt. This is after incredible success on the platform following a move from Twitch, partly thanks to the massive hype around Among Us.

Among Us has recently exploded in popularity on Twitch and YouTube, with plenty of streamers and content creators flocking to the 2018 indie party game since its resurgence in late August.

The social deduction, ‘murder mystery’ type game has quickly become a fan-favorite and, due to the large party size of each match, it has seen many of the top creators such as Valkyrae, PewDiePie, xQc, and more, collaborating with one another.

Valkyrae in YouTube Gaming jacket
Valkyrae has been very successful since making the switch to streaming on YouTube.

While many of the biggest names in gaming have started to create content around the game, 100 Thieves member Valkyrae, whose channel was already growing at a rapid pace before the Among Us hype, is coming out on top.

The rising YouTube star has peaked at over 66,000 viewers during her livestreams and she has now released some of the ridiculous stats behind her success in a Tweet on October 16.

With the “how it’s going” posts trending on Twitter in recent weeks, Valkyrae adopted the format to highlight her streaming success after first making the switch to YouTube in early January.

The popular streamer revealed that her broadcasts have now started to pull in an impressive total of 11 million live views per month, shattering her records in previous months.

YouTube’s Head of Gaming Ryan ‘Fwiz’ Wyatt also revealed that Valkyrae had reached some incredible milestones during her climb, claiming that she is now “fastest-growing live streamer in the entire world.”

He also followed up with claims that she was now also the “biggest female gaming streamer in the world,” celebrating Valkyrae’s “superstar talent” and recent success on the platform.

Fwiz recently also highlighted the insane viewership which Among Us has accrued on YouTube in general. In September, he totaled it at 4 billion (with a b) views across the platform.

While Twitch superstars like xQc, Trainwrecks, and TSM Myth are booming on the Amazon-owned platform thanks to Among Us, the equally-competitive YouTube livestreaming game is now being led by Valkyrae.

As she is now one of the biggest content creators in the World, Valkyrae is showing no signs of slowing down and will look to continue breaking records.


Addison Rae teases playing Among Us with Corpse Husband, Dream & Quackity

Published: 1/Dec/2020 19:49 Updated: 1/Dec/2020 19:51

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok star Addison Rae might be making a shift from her viral dancing videos to an equally viral gaming trend, after publishing a cryptic tweet tagging some of Among Us’s biggest streamers.

Among Us has become one of the gaming world’s most popular titles, swiftly overtaking the likes of Fall Guys to dominate Twitch and YouTube, bringing with it a ton of the scene’s top personalities.

Pitting players against each other to weed out an impostor among them on a malfunctioning space station, the game requires stealth and excellent lying skills, providing a fun and unique challenge that has brought together a unique slew of gaming streamers to the scene’s forefront.

Names like ‘Corpse Husband’ have become massive entertainers seemingly overnight due to the game’s success, racking up millions of YouTube subscribers for his deep voice and humorous commentary — all without a face reveal.

Corpse husband in interview
AnthonyPadilla, YouTube
Corpse Husband is a wildly popular YouTuber who skyrocketed to fame for his Among Us content, although he also narrates True Horror stories and creates music.

Similarly, creators like ‘Dream’ and ‘Quackity’ have also popped up on viewers’ radars, birthing a new generation of YouTube superstars — and it seems like one of TikTok’s biggest creators is looking to get in on the trend.

Addison Rae created a tweet on November 30 that appears to hint at a potential collaboration with Among Us legends. The post itself was simple: tagging Corpse Husband, Dream and Quackity, Rae merely wrote, “Hey.”

However, it seems that her “hey” has caused quite a commotion online, amping up speculation for a possible collaboration between TikTok royalty and gaming’s finest.

It looks like Quakity is all in for the potential collab, who replied to Rae’s post with a cheery, “Hiiii.”

Dream has also responded, merely writing, “Yes hello” — a reply that has since garnered more likes that Addison’s original post.

While it’s unclear if the group is actually getting together for a round of Among Us or not, the possibility is certainly tantalizing for fans, who are all in for this totally unexpected project that seems to have caught both viewers and the creators themselves by surprise.

We’ll just have to see how good Addison is at playing impostor — after all, her constant denial of dating Bryce Hall didn’t exactly have us convinced in the past.