Valkyrae announces “very long” break from regular YouTube content ahead of OfflineTV trip

Image of Valkyrae on her recent YT videoYouTube: Valkyrie

Popular YouTuber Valkyrae has just announced she will be moving away from her usual content schedule for an unknown amount of time, citing Japan travel plans with OfflineTV as the main factor for this announcement.

“I’m gonna be gone for a while,” were the opening words in Valkyrae’s recent YouTube stream. Rachell “Rae” Hotfstetter, better known as Valkyrae, is one of the most popular and most-watched female streamers on YouTube, though she’s about to be out of the spotlight for a while. 

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In a clipped segment of her recent broadcast, she announced that she will be taking a break from her usual content schedule to travel.

While she didn’t give much away about many of the travel plans, she did confirm that she will be joining the OfflineTV crew on their recently confirmed Japan trip.

“I heard Scarra talked about it already so I can talk about it. It’s official. Got my tickets,” Rae told her fans tuned in live. 

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OfflineTV, or OTV for short, is the popular content creation group made up of the likes of Pokimane, LilyPichu, Disguised Toast, and many more. Many of the members rose to popularity by playing League of Legends, however they all now have a hand in gaming content as well as vlog and variety content.

Disguised Toast streaming with Valkyrae and MiyoungTwitch: Disguised Toast
Just last month Valkyrae featured in one of Disguised Toast’s streams

While Valkyrae isn’t an official member of OTV, it is well known that she is friends with some of the members and is frequently engaging with them via stream or online.

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What is the OTV Japan Trip?

More on the trip itself, OTV co-founder Scarra surprised the streaming community only days ago when they confirmed that OTV will be heading to Japan for a week next month. The group had previously visited Japan two years ago and vlogged their experiences across the country. Now, they’re set to do it again with Valkyrae in the mix.

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While Scarra’s reveal was an unofficial announcement, he did confirm that he was given permission to talk about the trip. However, he did admit that much of the details are still unknown but that further information on the trip will be announced soon. 

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“OTV will be going to Japan next month,” they confirmed. “We’ll have a more official announcement with all the people going, but I can officially say, it’ll be one of the few things that we’re going to be doing.”

Scarra also went on to say that while in Japan, those going will still be making videos and streaming. And while Scarra did not confirm which of the OTV members will be making the trip to Japan, we now know one non-OTV member who will be there in Valkyrae.

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Why Valkyrae will be gone for so long

While this may be the beginning of Valkyrae’s travel plans, they are definitely not the end. In her announcement, she then went on to say that she’s got much more planned beyond the initial Japan trip.

“There’s more. Right after Japan, I can’t really say where exactly, but I’m going somewhere else right after. I will announce where and with who, when I am able to, but it was kinda confirmed today so literally right when the Japan trip is over I am going to this other location.”

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Valkyrae also added that after these plans she will be heading to New York for further travel. A timeframe of these trips was not specified but given the extent of them, it’s likely that Valkyrae will be taking a big break from her usual content on YouTube.

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