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Valkyrae admits Ludwig leaked DMs slip up caused RFLCT collapse

Published: 6/Dec/2021 16:36 Updated: 6/Dec/2021 16:48

by Dylan Horetski


Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has admitted that Atrioc leaking Ludwig’s DM’s on stream is what caused the collapse of her skincare line, RFLCT. 

On October 19, Valkyrae revealed her new skincare line that was aimed at protecting content creators, PC gamers, and other heavy screen users from blue-light emission damaging their skin. However, the creator was immediately met with backlash after the RFLCT website lacked sufficient evidence that the product worked.

Hofstetter went on to talk about the product on stream, mentioning that she no longer wanted to be a part of it because the company was supposed to make their research public, but did not. On October 30, just days after launch, the RFLCT brand was effectively terminated with products being pulled from over 400 stores.


In a December 5 stream with Ludwig, Rae explained what caused the company to collapse — and it involves a private conversation she had with the streamer.

valkyrae RFLCT skin care
Valkyrae has been fending off criticism after the launch of RFLCT.

Valkyrae talks about RFLCT to Ludwig

While in a call with the 100 Thieves co-owner on stream, Ludwig asked if there was an update to the situation.

Valkyrae explained: “What part? They can still sue me at any time so I have to be careful. I will say that because of that leak, that’s why they pulled out of 400 stores. They were going to proceed regardless, but because of that leak, everything was removed. I think it was a blessing in disguise, honestly.”


Ludwig instantly showed his surprise at the news and explained that he’s happy everything worked out in her favor, even if it was on accident.

The topic starts at 29:21 in the video

Two days before RFLCT shut down, Atrioc was using Ludwig’s computer on stream when he accidentally leaked private Discord messages between Lud and Rae.

In the messages, Rae explained that she was actively trying to get out of her contract with the company.

Since the backlash surrounding the skincare line started to die down, Valkyrae has explained that she feels “back on track,” and doesn’t want the situation to hinder her anymore.