Valkyrae admits she’s been “miserable” during break from streaming

valkyrae miserable during youtube streaming breakTwitter: Valkyrae

100 Thieves co-owner Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has admitted to Fuslie and friends that she’s been “miserable” during her break from streaming. 

On January 14, the YouTube Gaming star announced her break from streaming due to the fact that a “platform announcement” video was yet to be finished.

Even though Valkyrae is on a break from streaming on her own channel, the creator has participated in several streams with her friends.

While streaming with Fuslie and other friends, Hofstetter revealed that she hasn’t quite been herself, and can’t wait to go live again.

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Valkyrae “miserable” during extended break from stream

While playing Valorant with Ramee, Fuslie, and Sykkuno, Valkyrae was asked how her time off has been going.

Rae responded: “I am so miserable. I wanna stream so bad. Do you know how people want what they can’t have? I want to stream so bad but I just have to wait… I have one more week.”

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Sykkuno asked the YouTube streamer what they would play after her return, and Valkyrae mentioned that she’s been having fun with Grand Theft Auto away from the camera.

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While the group of friends mentioned the idea of playing GTA offline, Rae worried that her fans wouldn’t want to miss out on a story if something happened while playing on the NoPixel GTARP server.

While Valkyrae hasn’t hinted at what platform she’s announcing, just last October Rae urged Twitch streamers to move to YouTube following a massive data leak, making the move from YouTube seem unlikely.

However, if the creator does end up returning back to Twitch, they’re going to have to fix their search options.

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