Uruha Rushia claims Hololive made “blatant mistake” in former idol’s dismissal

Hololive star Uruha Rushia bowing head on streamYouTube: Uruha Rushia

Former Hololive star Uruha Rushia has revealed on Twitter that Cover Corp refused to issue a correction in regards to “false statements” made about her termination in February, claiming it led to “slander” online.

In February 2022, Uruha Rushia was let go from mega VTuber agency Hololive after it was reported that she had been leaking confidential information.

The community was divided on Rushia’s dismissal — defenders of the necromancer criticized the decision, while others pointed towards the ‘blatant’ breach of her contract as stated by Hololive.

Many VTubers, including her fellow third generation gen-mates, showed support following her dismissal. While Rushia kept her cards close to her chest — except for a short statement after her dismissal on her Mikeneko account — she has now spoken out more publicly about it three months on.

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Rushia, now Mikeneko, claimed Hololive’s original statement around her dismissal was “false” and led to “slander” online from various parties. However, she stated there was no bad blood between the two.

Uruha Rushia standing in front of ocean in ghost in a flower music videoYouTube: Uruha Rushia
Uruha Rushia was dismissed from Hololive after breaching her talent contract.

According to a translation, Rushia apologized to fans on June 24 for taking so long to address the situation properly. However, she has chosen to break her silence after Hololive refused to “revise their statement” about her firing.

“I’ve been in discussion with the company I was previously affiliated with regarding the specifics of this statement and in what way it is to be released,” she said.

The statement delves deep into the lead up and subsequent moments of her release. Rushia detailed how certain leaks and comments made by her former company were a form of misinformation that led to her being “subjected to much slander and defamation.”

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“There was a blatant mistake in the official statement released by the company, and I had asked them to release an official correction. Namely, they claimed that I ‘made false declarations to various related parties.’

“I sent an exchange between me and my manager on LINE to one person outside the company — this is true. I felt that I had to do so in order to stop certain conversations that were taking place at the time.

“However, I did not leak any other information, and neither did I make any false declarations.”

Hololive Fantasy third gen members Shiranui Flare, Houshou Marine, Usada Pekora, Uruha Rushia, and Shirogane NoelHololive
Despite initial reports, Rushia has come out and said there is no bad blood between her, Hololive, and her former genmates.

She also mentions her desire to have released a joint statement with them about this but was then left to make the statement alone after they “could not cooperate to such lengths.”

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In particular, Russia also highlighted how the claim that she said she wanted to “ruin” all other Gen 3 members was taken out of context and leaked to appear to be in reference to said members.

While it was previously reported that the “I want to ruin them all” message was sent on February 11, 2022, Rushia insisted that this was actually taken from a message sent back in November 2021.

“The timing and the way this message was leaked made it seem like I had sent it after the incident, but that is entirely untrue.”

Rushia then expressed that not being able to “correct” this for such a long time has “weighed very heavily” on her and has also “led to many people getting hurt”.

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Rushia then debunked the claims that she has been harboring resentment and bitterness to the other members, stating that she still “greatly treasures” them and that she still watches their streams and has maintained her bond with them.

Former Hololive star Uruha Rushia with Mikeneko modelYouTube: Mikeneko
Rushia now streams under her old alias of Mikeneko.

Quickly after Rushia’s tweet was published, Cover then issued a statement of their own. The agency denied they made an errors in the initial press release and furthermore shut down the notion that they have acknowledged these alleged errors.

“We would like to reiterate on our company’s position that there was no error in the past release, nor have we ever acknowledged error from the past release.”

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They did end the statement by asking fans and the community to “refrain from any form of slander to the related party in this matter.”

The exact details of the situation and her release are still largely unknown — despite many rumors to the contrary.

However given these recent statements from both parties it appears that the issue is still being worked through and addressed even months after the initial termination took place.