Unlucky streamer drops phone in river after kicking a tree during TwitchCon

sukasblood twitch streamer

Twitch streamer sukasblood was the victim of a series of unfortunate events which ended in his phone falling into a nearby river.

This weekend is TwitchCon EU 2022 in Amsterdam which means plenty of your favorite streamers will be live on the streets of the Netherlands. IRL broadcasts will be all the rage for 48 hours as streamers make memories with their fellow content creators and fans.

That being said, this kind of streaming presents a heap of dangers that broadcasting from behind a desk doesn’t. Whether that be streamers being chased by strangers or mugged in the streets, there’s a lot that can go wrong when out and about.

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Unfortunately for one streamer attending TwitchCon 2022, disaster would strike without any outside influence. Sukasblood would lose their phone to a river in a comical and confusing fashion.

streamer loses phone in riverTwitch streamer sukasblood lost his phone to a river in Amsterdam

Sukasblood loses phone during TwitchCon 2022

While exploring Amsterdam with fellow streamer Wolfsbanee, sukasblood partook in a spot of tree kicking. With the Mortal Kombat theme playing from his phone, the streamer readied himself to take on his earthy opponent.

Running forward with reckless abandon, sukasblood charged the tree with a powerful kick. However, he did not anticipate the shock from the kick dislodging his phone from the selfied stick it was in.

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His phone rolled a few feet after landing and found its new home in a nearby river. “Oh! No! My phone!” the streamer exclaimed as a ripple appeared indicating his cell had gone for a swim.

As a family in a boat cruised by the scene of the incident, his friends would run to his aid when it was already too late.

Sukasblood’s stream would end shortly after, but his adventure would continue to be broadcast on wolfsbanee’s channel.

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