UFC star Kamaru Usman laughs off boxing match with Jake Paul

kamary usman jake paul white shirtKamaru Usman/Jake Paul

UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman has laughed off the idea of fighting Jake Paul during a fan Q&A at UFC 272, saying: “If we’re gonna fight [someone], we’re gonna fight a real fighter.”

Kamaru Usman and Jake Paul have teased a potential fight multiple times now over the last year. The YouTuber-turned-fighter initiated the talks originally claiming Usman would, “make more money than you ever have” if he stepped into the boxing ring with Jake.

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Although a fight has never been agreed to, Jake continued to fan the flames saying a fight with Usman would be, “light work.”

Now, Usman was asked directly his thoughts on fighting the YouTube star.

Jake-Paul-is-a-YouTube-star-and-boxer.Jake Paul’s boxing record is 5-0.

Usman shoots down Jake Paul fight

Usman was at a Q&A for UFC 272 when a fan asked him about his thoughts on boxing one day, and potentially squaring up against Jake Paul.

The welterweight champ commanded the crowd to boo the question, “What? Boo this man one time!”

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Then, he scoffed at the thought of actually fighting Jake, “Listen, if we’re gonna fight, we’re gonna fight a real fighter. I’m gonna answer your question, if we’re gonna fight, we’ll fight a real fighter.”

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Although the showdown could score a big payday for the UFC star, Usman doesn’t see Jake as a formidable fighter, despite his 5-0 record in the boxing world.

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Usman also has other fights on his mind, as he’s set to take on Leon Edwards in a defense of his title, as well as a showdown with Canelo Alvarez scheduled for September 2022.

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