UFC legend Vitor Belfort knocks out Bryce Hall as Triller fight contract rumors spread

Bryce Hall KOd by Vitor BelfortYouTube: Fino Boxing, Bryce Hall

TikTok star Bryce Hall notably lost his debut boxing match to YouTuber Austin McBroom last month… and it seems he’s still getting the beatdown after a shocking new video surfaced on social media.

The influencer boxing trend is taking over the internet. Initially sparked by Joe Weller and KSI in 2018, it was KSI’s rivalry with Logan Paul that brought it into the limelight a few months later.

Now, everyone and their mother is trying to get in on the hype, as seen at the Battle of the Platforms ‘YouTubers vs TikTokers’ boxing event in June, where Bryce Hall notably lost his bout to Austin McBroom on the main event of the evening.

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However, that doesn’t seem to have dampened his spirits one bit, as the Sway House star was seen touching gloves with Brazilian mixed martial artist Vitor Belfort in a series of explosive videos.


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On July 27, sparring footage of the two was shared to TikTok by TheSyncUp — and it doesn’t look like Hall could hang with a fighter who is one of the most prolific knockout artists in UFC history.

The clip shows Hall taking a few body blows from Vitor before falling into the fetal position, audibly groaning in pain.

Instagram stories of their sparring session were also shared to Instagram by a user named ‘stoprory,’ who tagged Triller in one of his clips. This tag is quite interesting, as it was reported on July 27 that Triller and Belfort are in talks for a multi-fight deal.

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Triller Fight Club also promoted the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight in April, so it wouldn’t come as a major surprise if Hall — another big influencer — is involved in some way. This also follows talks between Vitor and YouTuber Tarzann in June, after the two got into an altercation at a gym.

For now, it looks like Vitor is rumored to take on American professional boxer Evander Holyfield — as well as MMA legend Anderson Silva, who is reportedly in talks with Logan Paul. Belfort also expressed a desire to fight both Paul brothers in the past.

It seems that influencers are becoming more and more interested in the world of combat sports, and only time will tell if their involvement will change the game.

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