UFC legend Nate Diaz slams Jake Paul’s “sh*thead family” after meeting his dad

nate diaz calls jake paul's family "sh*theads."Twitter/NateDiaz209/Instagram/JakePaul

UFC icon Nate Diaz escalated his feud with YouTuber Jake Paul after meeting the boxer’s father in person.

The rivalry between Nate Diaz and Jake Paul has reached a new level. After months of callouts and Paul joining MMA org PFL, it’s clear there’s no love lost between the two.

While a bout between Diaz and Paul has yet to be made official, on January 14, the MMA legend met with the influencer’s dad, Greg, at an arena where he made it known he was a fan of his.

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“Dude, I admire the f**k out of you!” he praised. “And I love the way you fight, everything about you. And hopefully, you’re going to be fighting Jake. I just wanted to tell you, we watch you and I love your fight style. It’s an honor to say hey to you.”

Despite the well-wishes, however, things soon turned south when Diaz posted a video of the interaction on Twitter and intercut some other comments that Paul’s dad has made about him that run contrary to the “respect” he showed earlier.

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Nate Diaz calls out Jake & Logan Paul’s “sh*thead” family

In the past, Jake’s dad has been vocal about his son’s fighting potential and even claimed that the boxer would be able to KO the UFC star.

“Jake would knock the piss out of Nate Diaz,” he said during a podcast appearance. “Nate Diaz is a punk. His record is mediocre.”

These remarks didn’t sit well with Diaz who tagged both Jake and Logan in the video and captioned it, “[apple] doesn’t fall to far from the tree. The sh*thead family.”

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So far, neither Jake nor Logan has responded to the diss, but hopefully, a match between the two can still be made despite their father rubbing Diaz the wrong way.

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