UFC legend Michael Bisping accepts Jake Paul fight, but there’s a big problem

Jake Paul fighting UFC star michael bispingAmanda Wescott/SHOWTIME/Instagram/mikebisping

Former UFC champion Michael Bisping is ready to take on upstart boxer Jake Paul, but there is a big problem getting in the way for the two to step into the ring.

The beef between Bisping and Paul has been going on for sometime, with the YouTuber even threatening to “swallow his eyeball” if they fought – a reference to the MMA star’s eye issues.

With a potential bout between the two in the cards as both agreed to battle it out, Paul told Bisping that he would require to get licensed in order to make the fight actually happen.

On April 19, Bisping uploaded a video sent to him by the Alberta, Canada-based Tsuut’ina combative commission, which gave him permission to fight. The thing is, Paul has some issues with the terms.

Jake Paul slams Michael Bisping despite securing fight

As reported by The Mirror, Tsuut’ina combative commission are an Indian reserve that sanctions professional fights and suggested Bisping fight Paul there, as fights in those areas are not sanctioned by state commissions.

According to Bisping, the Tsuut’ina combative commission said they would host the fight and commission him despite only having one eye.

After posting a video the commission had sent him to Twitter and tagging Jake Paul, The Problem Child responded and seemed to cast doubt on the fight even happening.

“Post legal confirmation that you are not under UFC contract and I will get you a contract,” he demanded. “You retired in 2017 and Dana still got you by the balls.”

However, Paul further stated, “ we fight where I tell you we fight” suggesting that fighting in Canada would be out of the question – which could put the match in jeopardy.

So far, Bisping hasn’t replied to Paul’s demands publicly, but it’s anyone’s guess if the two can reach an agreement privately and get a fight scheduled for August when Jake plans to make his return to the ring.