UFC commentator warns Jake Paul not to enter MMA: ‘he won’t enjoy his life’

Jake Paul posing in front of PRBLM CHILD helicopterInstagram/JakePaul

UFC commentator Jon Anik has weighed in on Jake Paul’s possible switch to MMA from boxing, warning the YouTuber against making the jump.

Jake Paul has taken the boxing world by storm. The influencer boasts a spotless 5-0 record, including two victories against former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley, with The Problem Child winning the rematch with a knockout.

Despite his success, Jake has made it clear that he wants to fight against UFC stars in the octagon, even possibly one of the GOATs in Khabib Nurmagomedov.

However, not everyone wants Paul to compete in MMA. Commentator Jon Anik explained how Paul might not enjoy his life if he switched from boxing.

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Jake Paul wins vs woodleyAmanda Westcott, SHOWTIME
Jake Paul is currently 5-0 in his boxing career.

Jake Paul warned against fighting in UFC

Speaking with DAZN, Anik said that he doubts that Paul will end up going into mixed martial arts.

“I just don’t think that he wants to scratch that competitive itch. I think he is legitimately passionate about boxing,” he said, before comparing Jake to former WWE-turned-UFC fighter CM Punk.

“CM Punk, for lack of a better example, he needed to scratch that itch. It didn’t go the way he wanted it to. It didn’t go the way he thought it would. But he needed that for his own peace of mind.”

Anik went on to claim that he doesn’t believe Paul wants to devote his life to MMA and training the same way he has for boxing.

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Jake Paul Tyron WoodleyTwitter/ShowtimeBoxing
Jake Paul has knocked out many opponents.

“Jake Paul’s not going to have a better retirement or enjoy any part of his life by scratching that MMA itch,” he said, adding he doesn’t believe Paul will end up in the UFC – but if he does, he hopes the matchmaking will be “appropriate.”

Jake Paul may not be fighting again until September, but when he does, we’ll have to see if it’s in the octagon or a return to the boxing ring.