Tyron Woodley tells Jake Paul to “send the contract” for rematch after tattoo guidelines

Jake Paul Instagram / SecondsOut YouTube

The fight between Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul ended in a split decision in favor of The Problem Child, but now there’s the issue about the loser’s tattoo – and talks of a rematch have sparked.

In one of the press events for Woodley v Paul, the YouTuber raised the stakes on the former MMA world champ. The loser of the bout would have the ‘I love [the match’s winner’s name] forever inked on their body.

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While Woodley doesn’t sound like he’s going to get a tattoo of Paul anytime soon, he’s willing to formally accept the bet – if he gets another shot at a fight, that is.

After Paul was named the victor of the August 29 face-off, the 24-year-old fighter gave the guidelines for the tattoo that wants to see on Woodley.

“Tyron’s tattoo guidelines: 3×2 inches at least. Can’t get it covered. Permanent. Must post on social media. Has to be visible with shorts and shirt on,” Paul said, laying down what he wants to see in the ink-work.

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But that’s when Woodley came back to raise the stakes.

“Send the contract, son. Daddy will put your name next to all my other kids,” Woodley retorted. By the looks of it, Woodley is down to put ink on the line but wants it as a stipulation for any possible rematch that could be in the cards against Jake.

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After his loss to Paul, Woodley said in his post-game conference that “it’s done, we’re doing a rematch.” If that comes to pass, then Woodley wants to see “paperwork for the rematch.”

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That sounds like he’s down to get inked but there’d have to be ironclad language, and possibly even an agreed upon design, in the contract to make it happen.

Well, Paul isn’t one to back down from a challenge and Woodley wants another shot at the young YouTuber – so we might have another fight in the cards to see who gets inked.