Tyron Woodley demands “f**king apology” after mom involved in verbal spat at Jake Paul press conference

tyron woodley demands apology after mom involved in dispute jake paul press conferenceAmanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

The press conference just ahead of Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley’s upcoming boxing match ended in fireworks after Woodley’s mother got involved in a feud with Paul’s training camp.

YouTube star Jake Paul is set to face off against five-time former UFC Welterweight Champ Tyron Woodley on August 29 in what’s amping up to be his biggest challenge yet.

After trading verbal blows with Woodley over the past month or so, the two met up once again for a final press conference ahead of their Sunday bout — and it’s safe to say that things got pretty tense.

Toward the end of their conference (during which Jake boasted that he would turn Woodley into a “meme” and Woodley dubbed Jake a “clown”), Woodley’s mother seemed to pop off in support of her son as fighters exited the stage after photo ops were through.

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This appeared to stir some discontent amongst Paul’s troupe, prompting Woodley to demand an apology from whoever was starting beef with his mother. Woodley can be heard saying, “You talking to my mom?” While Jake answers, “Yeah, he’s talking to your mom.”

“I’ll f**king sleep you right now,” Woodley says.

“Do it then, b****!” Jake taunts.

This moment speaks to rising tensions for the fighters, as their moms had previously been seen on much more… amicable terms earlier this summer.

While the full encounter wasn’t caught on camera in the dim lighting of the event hall, commentators Bryan Campbell and Luke Thomas gave viewers a play-by-play of what was going down just behind them.

“Just over to the right of us is Tyron Woodley’s mother, who is sparring verbally with members of Jake Paul’s team,” Campbell explained.

“Chairs have fallen down, trying to keep cooler heads,” Thomas added. “Keep everyone safe.”

Jake v Tyron presserShowtime PPV / Jake Paul, YouTube
Tyron didn’t seem to impressed with “clown” Jake Paul’s taunting – until someone from his camp insulted his mother.

The commentators then revealed that police and security were making an effort to separate the upset parties as the conference hall became a heated mass of photographers and fighters.

“Tyron is upset because people are verbally sparring with his mom, who is quite a nice lady,” Campbell relayed.

“A real sweetheart, but very vocally in support of her son,” Thomas interjected.

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Luckily, it seems that security managed to clear the room before people started trading blows — although whether or not this altercation will come up during the weigh-in on Saturday remains to be seen.