Tyler1 speedruns Master in League in less than two weeks as support role

twitch streamer tyler 1 at an all stars league of legends lol event punches the air with master rank iconTina Jo, Riot Games

League of Legends streamer and Twitch personality, Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp has reached Master rank playing as a support in just over a week. 

While most League of Legends players stick to one specific lane, Twitch behemoth, Tyler1, has decided that he will not be confined to one single role.

Coming into Season 12, the streamer has decided to resurrect his quest to achieve Challenger in all of the game’s five classes, beginning his 2022 climb as a support.

While many grind for months to get to Master, never mind Challenger, the LoL titan has managed to achieve the game’s third highest rank in an insanely short amount of time.

league of legends lol coven morgana skinRiot Games
Tyler1’s last game as a Diamond support was on the witch queen herself, Morgana.

Tyler1 reaches Master on support

Following a dominant game on the queen of the coven, Morgana, Tyler walked away with an impressive 5/9/23 scoreline.

After leaving the game, he notes “that should just f**king do it,” moving past the honor screen to see the promotion notification pop up. “There it is,” he proclaims, giving himself a round of applause (quickly echoed by the chat, of course).

“COOKIEMONSTER123, Master tier, week and a half, speedrunning the support challenge – just like that. Bro, we tried it for one day, and I went on f**king autopilot and went 14-5 [14 wins to five losses]. Easy bro, it’s so easy.”

Reaching Challenger will require a little bit more work, though, as he’ll start off at the bottom of Grandmaster and have to work his way through some of the best opponents North American League of Legends has to offer.

Only 300 players can make it to Challenger, so will Tyler be one of them? We’ll have to wait and see, but considering his dedication has carried him this far (and even further in the past,) it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes for him to secure his place among LoL’s top-tier players.