Tyler1 sends threat to Dr Disrespect as hilarious Twitch feud continues

Tyler1 / Drdisrespect twitch

Popular Twitch streamers Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp and Dr Disrespect continued adding to their ongoing back and forth with even more hilarious insults, as Tyler1 demonstrated how they’re IRL meeting would go down.

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Steinkamp and Dr Disrespect are two of the most popular streamers on the livestreaming platform, known for their high energy and entertaining highlights.

The pair have also been trading jabs at each other during their streams for years, which seems to have escalated in recent days, resulting in Tyler1 showing what his next IRL encounter with the Doc would look like.

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GFUELDr Disrespect and Tyler1 are some of the most entertaining, but competitive, personalities on Twitch.
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The most recent back and forth between the pair started on July 18, when the Doc was taking his viewers for a tour of the new “Champions Club Facility,” however, he could not help himself taking a shot at Tyler1 when the opportunity presented itself.

“Look at the facility, stop looking at my arms guys!” The Doc said, before flexing his biceps and laughing to himself, “Alright go ahead take a look, this would pound Tyler1 right to the ground […] Well he’s already pretty much at the ground, the guy is like four foot eleven!”

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Tyler1 was also streaming on Twitch at the time and reacted almost immediately, claiming that the Doc’s muscles were nothing to be impressed by: “It’s like having abs when you’re skinny, it’s like the same thing, there’s no beef there.”

He followed up swiftly by showing his viewers what his standards of impressive biceps should look like in his eyes, claiming that his biceps were more meatier than the Doc’s, “This is fucking meat, this is density right fucking here, that’s what that is.

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Shortly after telling his viewers he was shredded, Tyler1 also claimed that he could pick the doctor up and slam him with ease, “I could literally pick you up and snap you ever my fucking knee, little guy, you’re a tooth pick.”

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The League of Legends streamer also took some shots at Dr Disrespect’s achievements as the back-to-back “two-time champion”, claiming that the Doc has “not done anything memorable in the last 30 years.”

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After a bit more back-and-forth between the two Twitch stars, Tyler1 demonstrated what would happen to Dr Disrespect the next time they clashed in person, jokingly making use of a vacuum with a wig and and vest to imitate the Doc.

“Its just talk, let’s act like this is Dr Disrespect with his nice little toy vest on.” He said, fixing the vacuum into position, “I tower him, of course I do, I’m triple his fucking size, of course I am. 

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“Now let’s see what would happen if we met in person.” Tyler exclaimed, before tackling the vacuum and screaming while he slammed it to the floor.

“Lets not get it twisted” Tyler1 said, after reminding his viewers what he is capable of, before admitting shortly after he may have broken his knee in the process of demonstrating the pair’s clash.

Although Dr Disrespect has had mishaps in the past with IRL streams, many of their fans would love to see the two collab with each other in the future after seeing how entertaining they can be when bouncing off one another.

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