Tyler1 roasts xQc after terrible League of Legends misplay goes viral

loltyler1/ xQcOW

Tyler ‘Tyler1′ Steinkamp is a name synonymous with League of Legends, both for his S-tier play and God-tier toxicity. Finding a clip of Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel playing League of Legends, the LoL veteran couldn’t help himself from going in.

Tyler1 didn’t hold himself back in commentary on a clip of xQc failing to tower dive that just did the rounds on Reddit.

The clip sees xQc as Jhin managing to completely drop the ball against an opposing Draven in a 2v1 that most would assume he would’ve been able to cinch.

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After failing to secure the kill in a tower dive, however, Tyler 1 instantly turned on his patented toxicity. “Bro, walk up and auto. Ben Simmons of the gaming community.”

xqc-tyler1-twitch-fans-stop-brigading-hateTwitch: Tyler1 / xQc
Tyler1 and xQc have long had a mostly friendly rivalry, with both streamers being noted for their outlandish behavior and extreme toxicity.

Ben Simmons is a notoriously flaky basketballer for the Brooklyn Nets, whose team was dropped from NBA playoffs the night prior to the clip. It’s a blow both to xQc for whiffing his kill, and Ben Simmons himself who won’t be happy being name-checked as the symbol of mediocrity.

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Steincamp didn’t stop there either. After a failed ability from Felix in addition to the initial tower dive, Tyler continued his verbal onslaught. Describing the Canadian as having “zero killer instinct.”

Eventually bringing it down a notch, Tyler1 simplified his response.”Just walk up and auto you bum.”

Closing out the clip, Tyler seems more baffled than anything else “what are you doing? xQ-sh*tter?”

Finishing up his description, Tyler returns to the screen after watching the clip. Closing it out with “I’m physically wincing at that play.” xQc ended up losing the game, with a 10/11/12 KDA as recorded by op.gg.

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Fans on Reddit in response to the video were no kinder to Lengyel or Simmons, stating “This really is the equivalent of passing up an open dunk” as well as lamenting the heat Ben Simmons will be copping after the playoffs. “Ben is gonna catch strays everywhere after tonight.”

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