Tyler1 impersonates “weirdo” CorpseHusband and roasts his music

Sam Comrie
Tyler1 CorpseHusband
Twitch: Tyler1, Spotify: CorpseHusband

When League of Legends streamer Tyler1 isn’t finding himself in the heat of battle, he’s using his downtime to keep entertained and this impersonation of musician CorpseHusband is definitely one of his stranger moments. 

Tyler Steinkamp, better known as Tyler1, is a titan when it comes to League of Legends streaming. Often sprinkling hilarious fits of aggression into his gameplay, the streamer has amassed a thunderous 4.2 million-strong following. When he isn’t gaming, he’s keeping in shape and reacting to disastrous fitness fiascos by his fans.

However, what viewers might not expect is Tyler channelling his musical side.

Showcasing an odd moment in-between games, Tyler’s artist of choice was definitely unexpected.

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Twitch: Tyler1
Tyler1’s streams are always guaranteed to be special.

Tyler1 impersonates “weirdo” CorpseHusband

CorpseHusband is an American streamer and YouTuber, who has also embarked on a music career, and known for remaining “faceless” throughout his career. Armed with an astounding low-pitched vocal range, the content creator has successfully reached 100 million Spotify streams as his music has grown in popularity.

Now, Tyler has weighed in regarding his stance on Corpse’s music during a pre-game lobby.

Waiting for his next battle to begin, Tyler brought his microphone closer to enhance his bass tones: “look at me, I’m that f**king weirdo CorpseHusband.”

The impersonation led to the revelation that Tyler had “only heard one Corpse song” in his life, which featured Valkyrae of 100 Thieves. “I didn’t know what I was listening, at first. I was like, what?” Tyler added on his first impressions of Corpse’s musical stylings.

While Corpse hasn’t responded as of yet to Tyler’s critique, we’d be curious to see the two square off in Among Us, following Corpse’s April charity event. An avid gamer himself, Corpse joined late night host Jimmy Fallon, streaming alumni Sykkuno and Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo, to raised funds for Feeding America.