Tyler1 hits back at claims T1 ended their stream deal over “brand risk” worries

Tyler1 in front of T1 logo.Twitch: Tyler1 / T1 Esports

Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp has taken aim at claims popular esports org T1 ended their streaming partnership due to “brand risks” and how the notoriously volatile Twitch star is perceived in the gaming community.

In a near-perfect twist of fate, Tyler1 ⁠(often referred to as “T1” on Twitch) signed with titanic South Korean esports organization T1 back in October 2020.

Their partnership saw Tyler1 team up with undisputed League of Legends GOAT and three-time world champ Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, emblazon the T1 (once called SKT T1) logo across his streaming channels, and plug advertisements and reels for the famous esports org.

Just 14 months later, however, T1 and T1 have parted ways.

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There’s no foul play though, Tyler1 says ⁠— the Twitch superstar has come out swinging against claims his status as a “brand risk” played a role in the separation.

According to the star League of Legends streamer, the parting of ways was “totally mutual.” The high-profile partnership had been a beneficial deal for both of them through 2020 and 2021, but both were looking for new options after the 14-month deal ended in January.

“Yeah, we’re officially off T1,” he said.

“Sad day guys, sad day. There was no reason, no. It was mutual,” the 26-year-old star went on to explain before seeing his chat flooded with comments disagreeing with him. “Typical. I was not kicked out. It’s not corporate talk, I swear!”

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The “dropped” claims continued, however, and Tyler1 hit a new pitch hitting back: “It’s not because I’m a brand risk. Actually, it’s not. I’m not a f**king brand risk!”

Tyler1’s exit from the South Korean giant leaves him as a free agent again, in regards to esports orgs at least, and with his 200-hour-a-month Twitch contract as his main source of sponsored income.

There’s every chance Steinkamp remains unsigned though.

Signing with T1 was a match made in heaven, especially considering Tyler1’s love for Faker and one that likely won’t be repeated. On top of that, the 26-year-old boasts a whopping 4.7m followers on Twitch and cracks 20k subs a month, so any org signature would be gravy rather than necessary.

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No matter what though, LoL will be there. As Tyler says, he’s “officially, literally, figuratively, grammatically, lyrically, the face of League of Legends. Indisputably.”