Tyler1 explains why xQc’s streams prove he’s crazy

Twitch: loltyler1/xQcOW

Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp has explained why he believes Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is actually a “psychopath” for using text-to-speech on his streams.

Aside from just entertaining fans with their gameplay and reactions, some Twitch streamers use a text-to-speech system that reads out any donation message they receive during a broadcast – no matter how crude they might be – to also liven things up.

For some like xQc, it can all get a bit hectic as his chat spams sounds down his ear. Because of that, not all streamers opt to use the system. One of those non-users is Tyler1, who explained why he believes the former Overwatch professional could be a “psychopath” because of his use of TTS. 

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Twitch: @xqcow1
xQc and his fans can usually be found having conversations through TTS.

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During his March 9 stream, the popular League of Legends player had been taking fan questions from donations while waiting for a match to load up, when one viewer asked why he doesn’t use text-to-speech for his donations. That led him on to talk about xQc. 

“Dude, I am convinced [that] xQc is a psychopath, I’m convinced,” the streamer said before further explaining his thought. “Imagine every time you talk, there is just a sound right in the back every time you talk and it’s just constantly going seven, seven, seven – like that’s all you hear in the background. 

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“He’s a psychopath,” Steinkamp added, though he admitted that he could be wrong with his theory. “Maybe he doesn’t have it enabled for his headset.”

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Of course, even though he might think it or even believe it, Tyler1 can’t exactly prove his claim, but it seems as if he won’t be following the former Overwatch pro’s use of text-to-speech anytime soon. 

Though it may seem a bit crazy and ludicrous from the outside, xQc and his chat usually pull off some pretty hilarious moments with the TTS system – so it isn’t as bad as it actually might seem to be.

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