Tyler1 expertly roasts MrBeast after teaming up for League of Legends stream - Dexerto

Tyler1 expertly roasts MrBeast after teaming up for League of Legends stream

Published: 23/Nov/2021 13:47

by Lauren Bergin


League of Legends streamer Tyler1 gave YouTube star Mr Beast a taste of his trademark trash talk after they linked up with former LoL pro Yilang ‘Doublelift’ Peng for some games.

Worlds surprisingly collided when iconic League of Legends Twitch streamer Tyler1 invited YouTube philatropist MrBeast and former LCS ADC Doublelift to join him on his quest for Summoner’s Rift supremacy.

The explosive LoL star quickly became the butt of MrBeast and Doublelift’s jokes, though, as the two playfully brought up the infamous “short Tyler1” meme.

Turns out that, as can be expected, Tyler was determined that the duo weren’t going to have the last laugh, as he bid farewell to his YouTube companion with a pretty scathing roast.


league of legends tyler1 roasts mrbeast after doublelift stream
Twitch: lolTyler1
After some back and forth about his height, the Twitch star was preparing the ultimate reply.

Tyler1 roasts MrBeast after League of Legends stream

As the battle for Summoner’s Rift slowly came to a close, MrBeast announced that he had to leave. “Boys, I’ve got to go. That’s enough League for today. It was fun!” he said.

Reclining in his chair and getting into prime roast position, Tyler replied “yeah it was man,” before leaving the YouTuber with quite the parting gesture.

“Closing words here, don’t get it twisted, okay,” he said. “You ain’t s**t, kid.” From there, MrBeast simply responded with a satirical “I agree, I am really good at League… Later!” before dropping off the call.


Doublelift noted that too, adding “oh he just f**king insta-left, he was sick of your s**t dude,” before Tyler playfully clapped back with “I don’t think so dude.”

Of course, Tyler was clearly just trolling in his usual style, but it seems like MrBeast wasn’t prepared for the self-professed king of LoL to close out the stream with quite as much sass.

A similar fate befell Riot Games’ CEO at the Global Premier for Arcane, the franchise’s Netflix show. After a fun Tyler troll went hilariously wrong, he’s etched himself into history as League’s biggest troll – even if his jokes sometimes fail to land!