Tyler1 brutally hits back after DrDisrespect roasts him on Twitch

. 2 years ago
Twitch: Tyler1/DrDisrespect

Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘tyler1’ Steinkamp has hilariously hit back at Twitch star Dr Disrespect, after the latter insulted his gaming ability. 

Tyler1 and the Doc are two of Twitch’s biggest personalities, with both having established huge followings as a result of years of regular streaming. While Steinkamp has almost entirely stuck with League of Legends, the Doc has thrived off versatility and is currently enjoying Call of Duty: Warzone.

It is tyler1’s willingness to stick with one title that the Doc used as ammunition for his most recent jabs, joking that Steinkamp has spent years on LoL and still struggles to be anything more than “average”.

Riot Games
Tyler1 has played almost exclusively LoL for years.

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Understandably, the LoL streamer had some strong words in response to the Doc’s roast. “What did Doc say?” he asked. ‘I couldn’t imagine playing the same game over and over for years to still be average’. Funny. That’s funny Doc.” 

Steinkamp then threw back some shots of his own, about the Doc’s own gaming talents. 

“Average would be an upgrade for you, number one,” Steinkamp said. “So I’ll start there. Number two, I am one of the greatest League of Legends players, statistically, in the country. Like actually in the country. F**k it – in the world.” 

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He then set about roasting the Doc’s age, as well as setting him something of a challenge, asking him to get into the Top 500 for any game. 

“Doc, when have you been top 500 in any video game?” he joked. “What is it, 1989? 1932? Back to back 1922? 1923? Blockbuster video game, who gives a f**k? Don’t distract me, I got a f**king game to play.” 

Similarly, the Doc threw a hilarious invite tyler1’s way, asking him whether the two could do a peloton together. This garnered a baffled and brilliant response from the LoL streamer, who resorted to telling the Doc to “go to bed”.

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It’s fair to say that tyler1 didn’t hold back in his response to the Doc’s shots. However, if we know the Two-Time, he’ll hit back with a bang in no time.

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