Twitter users rejoice after devs finally remove auto-crop feature

Andrew Amos
Twitter autocrop removed

Twitter’s auto-cropping feature has been the bane of practically everyone’s existence for years. The developers have finally removed cropping on the platform as of May 5 though, and users are rejoicing.

Let’s be real: If you’ve been on Twitter even just once, you’ve probably been baited by the cropping feature. People have managed to figure out the algorithm to bait people into seeing something… unsavory once they tap into the full-screen image.

It’s also been a plague for artists. Sometimes the crop focuses on small subtext or irrelevant parts of the image, meaning those who might be interested in the full image keep scrolling on by.

Finally, after years of petitioning, users will finally get what they want ⁠— no more cropping; the feature has been removed on iOS and Android as of May 5.

“No bird too tall, no crop too short. Introducing bigger and better images…now available to everyone,” the company wrote.

Of course, everyone has reacted in a “Is this on?” kind of way. From mega-popular Twitter artists to game developers, users are throwing up big pictures of their favorite pieces without having to worry about cropping.

There is a limit though. Twitter confirmed that images with a bigger aspect ratio than 2:1 will still be cropped, but it’s a nice change.

We do have to heed a warning to PC users too: You won’t have access to uncropped pictures just yet. You still have to click into the images to get the full view, so be careful out there.

But for those scrolling on mobile, you can enjoy Twitter’s best art ⁠— and memes ⁠— in their full glory, without even having to tap into a thread.