Twitter sends cheeky message as Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp down

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It’s a dark day on the internet when Facebook goes down, and that’s exactly what’s happened on October 4. Twitter, seeing a great opportunity, decided to cash in on the opportunity for a light jab at the social media giant.

Facebook is among the cornerstones of the social media world, breaking barriers for digital networking, and getting many users in the early 2000’s off sites like MySpace.

But, even a giant can fall, or trip, from time to time.

On October 4, the social network and some of the sites it owns are down like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram, begging the question, “What does a day without Facebook look like?”

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Literally everyone is on Twitter

The bird app took the opportunity to promote its healthy servers at the expense of Facebook today, greeting its users with a friendly tweet. A quirky jab for a quirky app. “hello literally everyone,” it tweeted.

These outages have been trending on Twitter, sparking a host of hilarious quips from the app’s users.

Whether it be McDonald’s getting in on the trolling, or callbacks to Netflix’s Squid Game, there have been hilarious reactions to the outage, such as “Only Twitter made it to the second game” and Mr Bean videos.

Jokes aside, there has been no indication when the sites will be back up, or what has caused the network outage. Funny enough, the “” domain name is currently listed for sale on, so perhaps that indicates some source of the issue.

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Whatever the case may be, we will continue to provide updates on the ongoing situation and will be sure to check in if Twitter continues trolling its social media counterpart. Stay tuned!