Twitter may allow you to untag yourself from unwanted conversations soon

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Twitter may soon be allowing users to untag themselves from unwanted conversations, a tool that could greatly help to prevent spam and harassment.

Twitter is one of the current major social media apps that dominates the realms of entertainment, gaming, sports, and much more.

With a massive slate of features, the site allows users to communicate with each other in so many different ways. But, what it currently lacks is a way to leave some of these conversations.

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However, that may not be the case for long.

Twitter potentially adding untag feature

Twitter Hexagon profile pictureTwitter
Twitter recently introduced hexagonal profile pictures for verified NFT owners.

As social media is meant to be a way to recreate communication in a digital space, one thing that many sites lack is the way to leave a conversation.

We do this in the real world in a variety of different ways, but apps like Twitter often force us to stay in a potentially unwanted dialogue with only the ability to silence notifications.

However, social media leaker Jane Wong recently posted an image to the app of a new feature that would allow users to do just that.

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It appears the new addition would add untagging, prevent future mentions, and halt notifications on any conversations that you’d like to “leave.”

This feature is, for the time being, just a leak so we encourage readers to take the image above and the supposed features with a grain of salt.

But, if it were to go live, it looks to be called “Leave this Conversation,” and would allow users to do the things mentioned above, privately.

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This would be the first time a social media app has allowed a conversation-specific feature like this one, with others simply having the ability to mute notifications or block certain users.

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