Twitter looking to add new awards system akin to Reddit with virtual Coin currency

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Twitter is currently toying with the idea of a new awards system on the social media platform, one that largely mirrors Reddit with its own virtual currency and user-nominated badges.

Ever since Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover in October, 2022, the blue bird has certainly seen a number of drastic changes. Whether it’s to the verification system, high-profile bans, or simply to off-site promotion, the new owner has clearly made his mark in no time at all.

Now looking to shake things up even further, it appears the platform is gearing up to add an awards system akin to that found on Reddit. As first reported by Jane Manchun Wong on, you guessed it, Twitter, an extensive list of ‘Twitter Awards’ was uncovered at the beginning of 2023.

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This new awards range from ‘1 Gem, 1 Crown, 1 Rose, 1 Mind Blow, 1 Super Like,’ and plenty more in between. The most affordable option sits atop the list, valued at ‘1 Twitter Coin,’ a new virtual currency seemingly launching alongside this system. Meanwhile, the most expensive on the list comes in at 5,000 Twitter Coins.

Exactly how much these coins will cost you in terms of real money, is yet unclear. But in essence, Twitter users will be able to purchase awards with their virtual Twitter Coin currency, and then give these awards to any post on their timeline as they see fit. Awarding a post with any given accolade in turn gives the original author of the tweet a set amount of money.

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If something is funny, there’s a ‘1 Hilarious’ award to label it as such. In doing so, the author of the tweet will receive a certain dollar amount associated with the award. An early test version of the system shows a payout threshold of $50 USD.

This system has allegedly been in the works for “a while now,” meaning its launch could be imminent. As with most new features on the platform, those paying for a premium Twitter Blue subscription will likely receive access first before the awards are rolled out platform-wide soon after. An exact release date has not yet been locked in.

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